Secrets of the Art Revealed


bullet1 Chapter 1 General properties of this Art and Science

bullet2 9. most necessary

Nine: This Art is most necessary

"First, as the human intellect lives with opinions much more than with science, due to the fact that every science has its own principles divergent from those of every other science, the intellect requires and craves one General Science, endowed with its own general principles in which the principles of the other sciences are implicitly contained like particulars in their univeral. This is because the other principles are subordinate to these, and ordered and regulated by them, so the intellect may repose in the other sciences with true understanding, and be preserved and far removed from errors and false opinions. (Doctor Illum. in Prol. Art. Gen. Ult.)

Secondly, since this Art or Science adds many things that are not considered in any single science per se, namely the habitual, mutual combination of the principal terms in each science, as shown in BC. BD. CD. CE. etc. where it introduces into the combination other universal terms that do not strictly belong to the domain of any one science: it thereby further adds many things that simply cannot be found in all the other sciences taken as a whole, namely an artificial way to operate with E.I.N.R., and an artificial way of dealing with universals and particulars by combining the principles of Figure T., and a way to attain the Transcendent Points. (Doctor Illum. in Comp. Art. Dem. Dist. 3. de quaest. fig. alph. f. 154.) and this secret is so profound that it cannot be adequately clarified here. However you should note that although this Art is necessary for all sciences, it is nonetheless primarily meant for Theology, as Theology is the end of all the other Sciences, given that it determines the ultimate end of everything. (Doctor Illum. in Introd. Art. Dem. cap. 1. n. 4.)