Secrets of the Art Revealed


bullet1 Chapter 1 General properties of this Art and Science

bullet2 11. most artificial

Eleven: This Art is most artificial

The greatness of the artifice reveals the Wisdom of the Artificer: hence, were anyone to know the entire structure of this immensely huge Machine, namely GOD's artificial Work in all its divisions down to the smallest subdivision, if anyone were to know the essences, natural powers, specific forms, order and natural interactive habits of all vegetal, animal and mineral beings, if anyone were to have completely perfect knowledge of the movement, influences, essential inter connectedness in essence and quality of the elements and the celestial spheres, his spirit would be overwhelmed in rapt admiration of such a Creator.

"For by the greatness of the beauty, and of the creature, the creator of them may be seen, so as to be known thereby." (Wisdom Ch 13 v 5)

And by proportionally reversing this argument, I say, my Son, (if small things can be compared to great ones) that if anyone were to know the power and wisdom that GOD infused in the first Man, when GOD set man to rule over the entire fabric of this world, he would discern that in this created power and wisdom there is a certain microcosmic operation (most of the wise in this world only know it by name) all of whose parts, whether they actually exist or whether they can be brought into act by the Art, correspond to all parts of the macrocosm; and here, my Son, is the Secret that is the most secret of all natural Secrets, that our glorious and sublime GOD has revealed to precious few of his faithful servants for whom it has been reserved, and GOD deigned to make me, his most unworthy servant, a partaker in this Secret.

My Son, it pleased Almighty GOD, the Lord of Lords, to reveal to me the universal Science of the transmutation of all metals as well as precious stones, and the way to heal all human bodies, and almighty GOD ordained this to make his admirable power manifest through the whole world; and as for the ignorant ones in this world, who judge that none of these things can possibly be true, were they to read our books (and here I do not only mean my Chemistry books on which they cast doubt, but I refer to the Books that you have already published in the first Tome, namely the Key to the Art, and the Books on the Principles of Philosophy and Medicine), and if they are not totally blind they would easily believe that all these things are true, and given by GOD. (Doctor Illum. in Aper. Ani. in prol. n. 2.) My Son, you saw the figure of a great Book, namely the Book of the Earthly Paradise that we saw in a vision; and I tell you to safeguard it from the hands of the enemies of the Church of GOD, the greedy and the sinners, I saw the entire Arcanum of nature in a vision on top of a lofty mountain, above the sphere of fire, where I saw things that cannot be told.

And to make you aware of the reason why I wrote many of my books in tree-like form, note that they all refer to one tree whose secret and figure I revealed to you in my Testament and in the third Distinction of the Book of Quintessence; for I saw the Tree of Life, and I saw the figure that I transmitted to you under license from GOD. (Doctor Illum. Lib.3. cap.7. n.14. Test. Secr. Ult.)

Consider, my dearest Son, the divine power that illuminated me, He is the true Lord, strong  and clement, most powerful, most merciful, who deigned to reveal to me, an unworthy, malevolent sinner, the entire Arcanum of natural philosophy. (Doctor Illum. in Lib. Secret. Test. ult. l.1.c.2. n.61) and not only did He teach me the highest artifice of all natural artifices in the twenty-four experiments of all created nature, (see this book by Doctor Illuminatus) that include all the artifices and experiments attainable by a rational creature in this mortal life, unknown to anyone before me, and only learned by a few after me, but He also opened for me the most sublime artifice of all intellectual artifices, as He gave me the Key to all Science and the Treasure of all Wisdom on this earth. (Doctor. Illum. in Lib. Secret. Ang. de Confer. Vit. in prol. n.14.) I will explain to you two of the forms of this artifice in the following Chapter, one is in the Secret of the Figures or Wheels and the other in the Secret of the Tables, where you will have a bird's eye view of the most sublime artifices of my Art.