Secrets of the Art Revealed


bullet1 Chapter 1 General properties of this Art and Science

bullet2 12. most natural

Twelve: This Art is most natural

There are two natures, namely created nature and uncreated nature: and since the world, or created nature, is a mirror for the human intellect in which the Supreme Good, or uncreated nature can be demonstrated, (Doctor Illum. Liber. Mirand. Dem. cap.34. n.1.) and the Supreme Good is so lofty, excellent and noble that it can be demonstrated by whatever exists, (ibid. l.2. cap.23. n.1.) it is manifest, my Son, that there is no individual in all created nature through which uncreated nature cannot be demonstrated: whence it follows that all of created nature is included in the third mode of my Compendious Art for Finding the Truth: and uncreated nature's mode of being has ordered created nature's entire mode of being to be a mode and a medium for communicating meaning between the created intellect and its uncreated object, so that there is a proportional and comparative relation between created and uncreated nature's modes of being and created nature's modes of signifying and being, and  so that created nature's mode of signifying is necessarily related to the human intellect's mode of understanding to make it perfectly natural (see Dist. 3. Ars Inv. Verit. Reg.9. & Reg.2. see also Lib. Cont. 4. Dist.35 cap.234. & Lib.5. Dist.40. cap.353.)

From what I said, my Son, you can understand how necessary it was to indicate and demonstrate to you the entire System of created nature in all its parts, beginning with the first principles of the Chaos all the way to the ultimate entities derived from these principles, as without a perfect knowledge of this system of natural and real being I could never have formed a perfect artificial and intentional system of understanding, which I expounded to you in all its sections by combining them together, to show you very clearly the secret concordance between both: and whereas I demonstrated this dual system in several chapters of the Theoretical part of my Old Testament by physical reasons legitimately derived according to the rules of my General Art, beginning with the Chaos made by the supreme Artificer, as taught to you in Chapter 75 of the said Book, and then by elaborating on the man made artificial chaos produced by following the parameters of the prime Chaos, as you can read in chapters 77 and 78, without omitting anything useful for acquiring perfect knowledge of the entire mode of being, operating and understanding, and so that you will not be terrified by the fantasies of those who are ignorant of this Science and refuse to accept that I wrote this Book, I also taught the very same thing in the Books in the first Tome, namely in the Compendious Art, the Universal Art, the Four Books on the Principles of the four Sciences, and in the Books in the third Tome, especially the Demonstrative Art, where you will find all this very clearly explained; and I will refer to these Books in the following chapters, to teach you the said Systems with their Arcana, and by the same token I will demonstrate the necessary connection between the books of my General Art and the books on chemistry and other specific sciences.

"My Son, if you understand this well, then you know how all things in this world are produced by nature, and how you can produce them by imitating nature (except the rational soul created by GOD), and so we have certain arts that apply to many other Sciences, of which this is one, and it is a form or template for learning all the others. (Pract. Test. cap. 17.)

This Science, my Son, is the one we call the royal flower, and it can serve to build and rectify human understanding through experience bearing eyewitness to admirable knowledge, since man is aware of the fact that no fantastic proofs can stand up to his experience, and to make a lively entrance into all Sciences, it demonstrates to the intellect the way to penetrate into the divine virtues which must be deeply concealed: now this kind of Science expels from the intellect all the superfluous things that keep it from knowing the whole truth. And in another way, this Science is called the philosophical standard, banner or instrument with which the good Philosophers and Poets of old directed their senses in every Science where they entered with all the experience that must be acquired through the Art by imitating the course of nature in true knowledge; (as you will see below in Chapter 3 on the Trivium and Quadrivium of the Sages of antiquity.) (ibid. cap. 1.)

"So let this Science be a mirror for your intellect if you want to see your way clearly through all the other Sciences, as it will show you how reason gets to the truth through clear experience which cannot be refuted by any argumnent or logical proof that is deficient in clear understanding." (Theor. Test. MS cap. 77 & impr. cap. 73)

How can you expect my Art to be more natural than this?