Secrets of the Art Revealed


bullet1 Chapter 1 General properties of this Art and Science

bullet2 13. divine

Thirteen: Finally, this Art is Divine

First, this Art is divine by reason of its origin: now as it is impossible mentally, let alone physically for human ingenuity to think out and discover, even in one particular and specific Science, the sure and infallible principles and the way of operating with the sure and infallible principles that would be sufficient to distinguish and demonstrate all the particulars of this Science, as you learn by daily experience from the Reform of the Sciences that some Scientists famous in certain particular Sciences have contemplated, and that they will not cease contemplating and attempting in future times, as they attest to the fact that GOD "... hath delivered the world to their consideration, so that man cannot find out the work which GOD hath made from the beginning to the end." (Ecclesiastes Ch 3 v 11)

My Son, has any astronomer yet determined the perfect system of heavenly movement, and has anyone found a way to calculate it that takes every number into account? Do you not see, my Son, your wise geometers, as they reject the finite principles of former times and try to give them a new garb of infinity, negate the first basic definition of a point that had formerly been venerated as the cornerstone of all Geometry? And what about the philosophy of Aristotle, have not the books of this eminent philosopher been gnawed full of holes by the worms of Descartes just like Ptolemy's Almagest by the moths of Copernicus? It is indeed difficult, nay, impossible, to enclose and comprehend such an epic array of all the Sciences and of all natural and supernatural things in one tiny nutshell of a human head.

From the above you can see, and in what follows you will see even more, that my Art is "a universal Science, the subject of all other Sciences, and that it has sure and universal principles with which countless particular questions can be answered." (Doctor Illum. in Art. inv. Part. in Univ. Dist. 3. q. 10. f. 35.) My Son, in many of my books I have demonstrated with invincible arguments that there is such an Art and that it was invented by me, and not by the light of natural understanding, but rather "with the grace of the Holy Spirit, by whose infusion this Science was made so as to influence and direct all other Sciences." (Doctor Illum. ibid. fol. 38. cam. 13.) You understand that this refers to my General Art, given to me by the Holy Spirit, and with it man can learn about all natural things, according to what the intellect gathers from the senses: it is good for learning Law, Medicine and all Sciences, and for learning Theology, which I rate above the other Sciences; there is no Art that can so efficiently help to solve questions and to destroy errors by applying natural reason." (Doctor Illum. in Lib. Desol. n. 8. fol. 37.)

Secondly, this Art is Divine by reason of its Principles, which are the selfsame Divine Reasons: Schools usually call them Divine Attributes and I have called them by several names in my books, such as Forms, Dignities, essential Qualities, Virtues etc.: the lofty Perfection of this Art requires such Principles, for without them we could not form any demonstrations that perfectly satisfy the human mind, as you have already well noted, my Son, in your treatise on "First Class Authors". (fol. 52. rat. 2.)

In Tome Two which contains the practical application of Tome One, you will see how all my demonstrations are actually reduced, or can easily be reduced to these supreme Principles.

Third, this Art is Divine because the way its principles serve to operate and demonstrate is not only natural, but both natural and supernatural at once: and if you want to be informed about this dual mode, read the chapter on Supernatural Demonstration in the Book of Admirable Demonstrations  (Lib. de Mir. Demonst. cap. 27. fol. 50) in the second Tome, and you will be overjoyed when you understand what is said there.

Fourth, it is Divine "especially as this Science approaches Divine Science because its unity with Divine Essence allows it to bring all things back to the likeness of GOD, and in this way it briefly and simply represents whatever man can investigate." (Doctor Illum. in Introd. Art. Dem. cap. 37. fol. 33. Tome 3)

My Son, many secrets are contained in these thirteen Properties, and I will reveal some of them to you in the coming chapters, as discretion allows and necessity requires.

In order to finish this chapter with some useful admonitions and information about the way you can acquire this Art and Science more easily and quickly, given that you have understood from the above that I acquired it by way of supernal enlightenment, you must know, my Son, that Science is either infused or acquired; "infused science arises from will, devotion and prayer, and acquired science from intellect, study and work"" (Doctor. Illum. Lib. de Amic. et Ama. n. 249.) Thus, there are two doorways through which my Pupils can enter into the inner courtyard of my Science, one of these is the doorway of intellect and the other is the doorway of will: and out of these doorways come two kinds of Pupils, one more noble and perfect than the other, and sometimes a third kind of Pupil emerges from them, nobler and more perfect than both, and this happens in two ways: now some of my Pupils first enter through the door of intellect and exit through the door of the will, whereas others first enter through the door of the will and exit through the door of intellect, and both of them reach the same point in the end, and these are more pleasing to me and more useful to the world than the two previous ones as they have the dual habit of both infused and acquired Science. From this you can gather that there are three grades of Pupils, Masters and Doctors of Lullism, namely positive, comparative and superlative; choose for yourself, my Son, to which of the three you have the courage to ascend, and so that you may not lack the means for performing this ascent, I have prepared for you in many of my Volumes, some very convenient ladders, including, among others, Faith and Devotion: these are the ladders by which the intellect ascends to an understanding of the Beloved's Secrets, and Faith and Devotion originate in the Beloved, who illuminates Faith and inflames Devotion." (Book of the Lover and the Beloved n.300)(Doctor. Illum. Lib. de Amic. & Ama. n. 300. fol. 174.) And since this is only a very brief indication, I advise you to refer to my Compendious Art for Finding the Truth, and its Seventh Mode of Prayer. (Dist. 2. p. 2. f. 13.) Now this Mode is a Key that will open for you the Secret of Distinction Forty in my great Book of Contemplation, whose Book five in Volume three deals most explicitly with Prayer in fifty one chapters, where astounding Arcana of Science and Wisdom, hitherto unknown to the Wise, are revealed. The preceding, thirty-ninth Distinction of the said Book, that treats of Love in forty-seven Chapters, will open for you the secret door of the Will: and lest you think that I am promising more than I can deliver, I will give you a specimen of this in the final Chapter of the present Treatise.

Having given you the means, it now behooves me to give you the way for acquiring an Infusion of this Art and Science:

"therefore, this mode of discourse proceeds in two ways, namely through holiness of life and contemplation, and anyone who strives and labors to acquire infused Science should live a holy, honest life, be very charitable and devout, and have all seven Virtues ready in his soul to fight against vice (note here, my Son, one of the reasons why I included the Virtues among the Principles of my Art) and as this Art consists in universal Principles in which particulars are sought, it behooves you to love general more than particular good, for otherwise you would contravene the rules of this Art, be disqualified from receiving infusion from GOD and unable to learn this Science. There are two kinds of Contemplation for obtaining infused Science by the grace of the supreme Giver, and you can see both of them here, and especially in all of my Book of Contemplation. Now if anyone diligently works through the things prescribed in this Book, he will receive abundant Infusion of this Science and other Sciences." (Doctor. Illum. in Art. inv. Part. in Univ. Dist. 2. p. 2. n. 4. f. 5.)