Elemental correspondence between music and astronomy

adapted from Ivo Salzinger's Revelatio Secretorum Artis
This article provides  tables for composing Brainwave Generator presets in accordance with the system of Blessed Raymond Lull.

The First Circle

Mercury air east spring equinox dawn
Jupiter moist and warm south east mid spring mid morning
b   Sun fire south summer solstice noon
f   Mars warm and dry south west middle of summer mid afternoon
c   Mercury earth west autumn equinox sunset
g   Saturn dry and cold north west mid autumn mid evening
d   Moon water north winter solstice midnight
h  Venus cold and moist north east mid winter pre dawn

Astronomical System

Upper letters & metaphors ........................................Lower metaphors & letters
A Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Jupiter Mercury   A Air E Moist & Warm
B Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Mars, Sun   B Fire F Warm & Dry
D Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Venus, Moon   C Earth G Dry & Cold
C Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Saturn   D Water H Cold & Moist

The above circle serves to form the first circle of astronomy, which contains two concentric circles identical to it, the outer circle stands for the zodiac and the inner circle stands for the seven planets. Through concordance and contrariety, the circular movement of this figure causes generation and corruption, ascent and descent and circulation in the four elements below, as will be shown in the second circle: here we show this in a straight line, to see the letters more clearly.
The Circular Figure
Movement of the eighth sphere a e b f c g d h from East to West
Movement of the seven planets e b f c g d h a from West to east
This movement develops into seven circulations for the seven days of the week as in the following table:
Figure of the Seven Circulations
    6h 9h 12 15 18 21 0h 3h
Sunday 1 ae eb bf fc cg gd dh ha
Monday 2 ab ef bc fg cd gh da he
Tuesday 3 af ec bg fd ch ga de hb
Wednesday 4 ac eg bd fh ca ge db hf
Thursday 5 ag ed bh fa ce gb df hc
Friday 6 ad eh ba fe cb gf dc hg
Saturday 7 ah ea be fb cf gc dg hd

Frequencies in hz for the 31 temperament diatonic scale corresponding to the letters of the seven circulations, Brain Wave Generator presets can be made to correspond to given three hour periods in any week:
  1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024
b 1.03 2.06 4.11 8.22 16.4 32.9 65.8 132 263 526 1052
c 1.15 2.30 4.60 9.19 18.4 36.8 73.6 147 294 588 1177
d 1.29 2.57 5.14 10.3 20.6 41.1 82.3 165 329 658 1316
e 1.34 2.67 5.35 10.7 21.4 42.8 85.5 171 342 685 1369
f 1.54 3.07 6.15 12.3 24.6 49.2 98.4 197 393 787 1574
g 1.72 3.44 6.88 13.8 27.5 55.0 110 220 440 880 1760
h 1.92 3.84 7.69 15.4 30.8 61.5 123 246 492 984 1968
This table of frequencies together with the Figure of the Seven Circulations from the first circle of astronomy allows the operator to compose Brainwave Generator presets that correspond to different three hour periods in the week. The following information gives a quick overview of the second and third circles of astronomy, where the reckoning becomes much more complex, as 10 minute periods can be specified in the 24 hours of the day of the second circle and as the third circle introduces the zodiac and planets with their risings, culminations and settings.

The next two figures are extracted from the previous one: the first, as shown, contains ten squares from which sixteen triangles are derived, shown in the second figure that follows.
Square Figure
1 a b c d
2 e f g h
3 a e b f
4 e b f c
5 b f c g
6 f c g d
7 c g d h
8 g d h a
9 d h a e
10 h a e b
Triangular Figure
1 a b c   9 a e b
2 b c d   10 e b f
3 c d a   11 b f c
4 d a b   12 f c g
5 e f g   13 c g d
6 f g h   14 g d h
7 g h e   15 d h a
8 h e f   16 h a e
These three figures contain all the principles necessary to form the two following Circles, and through their natural combinations all secrets of both upper and lower astronomy are revealed.

The Second Circle

Note that the square in each hour is counted as two triangles, square aebf is counted as aeb ebf, giving six ten minute periods for each hour. The hours in the above figure are numbered 1 to 24 beginning with dawn. However, in the preceding table of frequencies, we have numbered the hours from 0 = midnight, in the current customary manner.

The Third Circle

The third circle shows the twelve signs and seven planets, to be judged by the method given in the Book of the Seven Planets, namely the mutual overcoming of the elements. Finally, all judgments are reduced to this very simple figure of the four elements represented by a, b, c, d


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