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Definition: Power is that whereby goodness, greatness, duration and the other principles can be what they are and do what they do.

Exposition: Between power and powering there is difference as between existence and action. Powering is the act of power as understanding is the act of wisdom. Thus, power gives rise to the act of powering and whenever power is actually and substantially powerful, it comprises powering with what is powered. Therefore, what can be possibly powered is a principle that passes from potentiality into act through habit; it is a principle whose quantity and sequence are as great as its duration is great in time. But if some being exists simply per se as the power, powering and what is powered or possible in the essence and nature of power, powering and what is powered or possible without any succession, this being is supremely powerful and this supreme power is indeed the very same supreme powering, etc. that moves all other power and powering, for it simply is their formal end or goal. It is not impossible for the supreme being to have these conditions, nor is it impossible for supreme power to originate in eternity without any succession or privation of power, eternity, goodness, infinity and virtue. On the other hand, it is obviously impossible for any substantial being to exist simply as power per se.

Nature: The inherent correlatives comprised in the essence of power are, as in the previously described principles: that which powers, what is powered and the act of powering in one natural essence full of power.

Clearly, nothing is possible without power, since nothing can be, or do anything without it. Power is a principle of this Art so the artist may know the conditions of power and find means to reach conclusions about power with the Art. This shows the different ways in which power is powerful by reason of its own natural essence and also by reason of other natural essences given that substantial beings can be powerful through power in one way, and in another way through goodness, etc.