bullet1 Difference

TB Difference

Definition: Difference is that whereby goodness, greatness etc. are clear reasons without confusion and the bonifier, bonifiable, etc. are not confused with each other.

Distinctions and clarification: difference between sensual and sensual, sensual and intellectual, intellectual and intellectual beings is a necessary principle whereby one sensual being differs from another, all sensual beings differ from all intellectual beings and every intellectual being is different from all other intellectual beings.

Without difference, there could be no otherness nor could any being be active, passive, or purposeful, rather, everything would melt into one identical, unspecified number, leaving goodness, greatness etc. purposeless, idle, and without concordance. Clearly, without difference, everything would consist in the privation of goodness, greatness etc. more than in their being. As this is impossible, difference must be a necessary principle in all things. It is therefore plain that without difference, good cannot be done.

Nature: The perfection, nature or fullness of difference consists in the differentiator, differentiable and differentiation giving rise to differentiated being.

Difference is a principle of this Art that the artist can combine with the other principles to know the conditions of difference in the difference that is made and what makes the difference while preserving the subjective conditions of difference, and to know how substantial beings comprising many differences act differently by reason of difference, as substantial beings made of goodness, greatness etc. act differently by reason of goodness, greatness, etc.