Ars Brevis

bullet1 9. Subjects

bullet2 8. The Elementative

8. The Eighth Subject, or the Elementative

The principles and rules are in the elementative in a specific way, and with these it has many species, like gold, silver and so on. Here is it definition: the elementative is a power whose proper function is to element things. Just as the sensitive, it has common correlatives, and particular ones as well, namely those of fire, air, water and earth. They all have their own correlatives, without which the elements cannot exist, just as the correlatives cannot be without the elements which are the ultimate foundation of the elementative. And due to them, the elementative has points, lines and shapes, length, breadth and height, volume, qualities and complexions, hardness, roughness, lightness, weight etc. And here the intellect realizes that the elements are actually present in elemented things, but in a remote way. Or else, elemented things would have nothing to subsist on, nor would they belong to the genus of substance, nor would they have any form, matter, motion, instinct, length, breadth, fullness, or any appetite, which is quite impossible and absurd to maintain.