Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions
bullet2 11. 9 Subjects

bullet3 2. Angels

11.2 Questions about the Second Subject, or Angels

71. Question: do angels exist? And the answer is yes. Because if things less similar to God exist, then things more similar to God must exist all the more.

Further: if things composed of corporeal and intellectual parts exist, then things composed of intellectual and intellectual parts must exist al the more.

Further: if angels did not exist, the ladder of difference and concordance would be void, as would be the world, which is impossible.

72. Question: what is an angel made of, and to whom does it belong? With rule D we reply that it exists on its own, as its essence cannot be punctual or linear. And by the second species of the same rule, it consists of its spiritual correlatives, namely its active, passive and functioning components. It acts with its active parts, it is receptive with its passive parts and its functioning parts make up the act proceeding between the active and passive. By the third species we say that an angel belongs to God. And this is enough about angels, for brevity's sake.