Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions
bullet2 11. 9 Subjects

bullet3 6. The Sensitive

11.6 Questions about the Sixth Subject, or the Sensitive Faculty

98. Question: are hunger and thirst sensed by  touch, or by taste? We answer that they are sensed most by the sense which has the greatest affinity to the object.

99. Does taste sense hunger and thirst with instinct and appetite, like sight senses colored things with color? Go to the second species of rule E.

100. Question: what makes the sensitive faculty sense its objects? We answer that each particular sense senses its objects through specific forms, just like a crystal placed on a colored object is colored by it.

101. Does the sensitive have punctual and linear quantity? We answer that the sensitive attains its object as quickly from afar as from up close.

102. As the sensitive has one common sense, does it also have one common power, instinct and appetite?

103. Question: what is the sensitive faculty?

104. With what things is the sensitive common and particular?

105. What does the sensitive faculty live and feed on?

106. Can the sensitive faculty be sensed? Go to the subject of the sensitive.