Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions
bullet2 11. 9 Subjects

bullet3 8. The elementative

11.9 Questions about the Eighth Subject, or the Elementative

113. What is the elementative?

114. Does the elementative, like the sensitive, have many species?

115. Does the elementative have its own correlatives?

116. Does a candle flame lighting the wick of a lamp element the wick within itself?

117. Does a candle flame light a wick with air, like the sight senses a colored object with light?

118. Is the elementative the cause of length, breadth, depth and volume?

119. Is the elementative a species common to the elements?

120. Can the elementative remain in a subject from which the elements are removed?

121. Is the elementative the source of points, lines and shapes?

122. Does the elementative naturally impel itself with its instinct, appetite, lightness, heaviness and so forth like a man impels himself artificially with his feet?

123. Can the elementative have nature without substantial correlatives?

124. Are the elements actually present in elemented things?

125. Does the elementative have continuous quantity throughout the entire space within the lunar sphere?

126. Are there two heats, two drynesses, two whitenesses and so forth? Solution: go to the subject of the elementative, and draw the solutions from it, with an intellect artificially conditioned by this Art.

127. Is there a fifth element? And the answer is no, given that four complexions suffice for elemented things.