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The Ars Magna (or Ars Generalis Ultima) of Raymond Lull (1232-1316) is an astonishing attempt to systematise all possible knowledge using a rigorous computational procedure. Lull was very much ahead of his time and the working out of his system was often performed with nothing more sophisticated than some pieces of paper cut out into circles and pinned in the centre. 700 years later we have the chance to explore Lull with the convenience of a computer.
There are two options for downloading the Lull's Ars Magna freeware: latest version 1.26f includes all earlier bug fixes.  03/09/17

1. The small package: 1.79MB
You can eventually supplement the small download with 2.58MB, which contains the extra works included in the full package.

2. The full download 4.38MB (no need to download the extra package)

If you do not have Visual Basic Runtime v6 on your computer, you will have to download vbrun60sp5.exe by clicking on the link below and install it by double clicking on vbrun60sp5.exe - this self extracting file from Microsoft will install the runtime files in their appropriate places.

Contents of the small, extra and full packages contains the "Lull's Ars Magna v1-26f" freeware by Steven Abbott
and the works listed above the red text, translated into English by Yanis Dambergs. contains the works listed below the red text, but not the freeware. contains the freeware and all the works both above and below the red text.



Configuring the Five Powers 
Book of the Natural Medium 
Mary Mediatrix 
Book of the Seven Planets 
7 Planets, Virtues and Vices - Fr Jean d'Aubry 
Why this Art is Useful and Necessary - Fr de Lavinheta 
Memory loci for writers and speakers - Fr de Lavinheta 
The Affatus, or Sixth Sense 
A Book for Improving your Memory 
Nine Functions of Memory 

The works listed below are in the extra package: take the eight folders and one htm file out of the unzipped "LAMextra" folder and put them in the "seven-planets" folder.  Discard the empty "LAMextra" folder. When asked whether you want to overwrite the "seven-planets.htm" file, choose "Yes". 

Ars Infusa 
The Desired Philosophy Tree 
The Book of Propositions 

Liber Chaos 
Explanation of the Elemental Figure 

Does God exist? 
Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit 
Contemplation: Achieving Rapture 
Contemplating the Divine Reasons 
Contemplating the Trinity 
Contemplating the Incarnation of God 
God's Memory

Angelic speech 
Angelic enjoyment 
Angels move physical objects 

Meditation on the Golden Figure - Le Myesier   1. 2.  3. 
Cognate and Dissonant Terms - Fr Marcal 
Questions and/or Rules - Fr Marcal 
Mental exercise: evacuating Figure Three - Fr Marcal 
Introduction to Revelatio Secretorum Artis - Ivo Salzinger 
Mnemonic hand with 12 loci - Y Dambergs 
Mnemonic hand with 20 loci - Y Dambergs 
Introduction to the Elemental Figure - Y Dambergs 

The Desired Philosophy Tree
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The Book of Propositions (Liber Propositionum)
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 To download a zip file of Bl. Raymond Lull's New Geometry,
                                                         click here

screenshot of New Geometry

More freeware downloads: mp3 files of music 
based on the Elemental Figure 
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